What is a lube? The haunting woman explained in the art of artificial intelligence

Are there ghosts in our devices? Well, of course not, but a recent viral Twitter thread might make you think that there is something sinister lurking behind your computer screen, just waiting to be unleashed.

On September 6, the Internet Submitted to “Loab”, Apparently a “woman” produced by artificial intelligence. Soon the Internet began calling them “the premier invisibility of latent space,” “scary,” “devil,” and “alien icon.” There is a lot going on here, so let’s explain.

First, to understand Loab, you have to understand what is happening in the art of artificial intelligence.

The art of artificial intelligence is here

In the past few months, AI art – that is, art created by AI tools – has come to the fore thanks to Spread of tools like the Dall-E MiniMidjourney and stable diffusion. These programs allow users to hit a short phrase, “prompt,” which is interpreted by artificial intelligence to create an image. The transition from instant photo to photo takes a few minutes, at most, and the photos range from totally annoying to oddly beautiful to “Wait, did AI do this?”

In early September, a video game designer She won an art competition in Colorado with a piece produced by Midjourney. The rise of artificial intelligence art and stories such as the art contest has led to a crisis for artists and designers, Some suggested it had created a “moral and copyright black hole.”. “This is because AI generates new images based on a massive amount of real artMan-made, trained.

AI doesn’t just take old photos and reformulate them as new ones; There are a lot of arithmetic and mathematical operations. If you ask the AI ​​to draw a picture of the hat, it will not mix all the hats in its database together and come up with the most average hat. Instead, it’s the kind of guesswork you’re looking for based on all the images you’re trained on and developing a hat image you’ve never seen before. I have truly He oversimplified this, but the main message is: Don’t think of the photos you generate as a bunch of old photos.

So we get to Loeb.

Who or what is a lube?

Loab is a combination of human traits in the form of an elderly woman created by an artificial intelligence art tool. Loab not found. Lube is not real. The Loab was “created” by Twitter user @supercomposite using an image prompt. Supercomposite explained the creation of the Loab – apparently “she” – in a detailed thread posted on September 6.

(Note: There are AI-generated graphic images in the series.)

In short, the supercomplex has penetrated a negative vector, which tells the AI ​​to create something that is Reverse from the router. The negative stimulus they used resulted in a mostly incomprehensible horizon image with the letters “DIGITA PNTICS” written on it. Then they used that as a negative prompt and… the AI ​​posted pictures of an old woman with long hair and rosy cheeks. The supercompact was called “her” Loab, because one of the images produced some text that appeared to say “LOAB”.

This is where the horror story begins.

The next step was to induce the AI ​​by mixing other AI-generated images with the Loab images. Supercomposite took those first spooky photos of Loab and basically told the AI, “Hey, draw me something new with this woman as a base.” This gave rise to all kinds of horrific and bloody images, with headless humans and children with terrifying faces appearing from AI calculations.

Telling the creepypasta-like tale, Supercomposite notes that Loab “stalks every picture it touches.” Which makes perfect sense in the way AI art generators work. They took a vector – the original images of Loab – and mixed it with other images to generate it more Pictures. Supercomposite writes that AI can “stick to the idea of ​​Loab”.

It is unclear, at the moment, what the super AI generator was used for. They told CNET that this was intentional because they “didn’t want to advertise” the AI ​​tool and didn’t want to “start some sort of viral trend of people making bloody things with the tools I used.”

Some questioned whether or not there was more to the story and whether Supercomposite was able to generate these images using specific AI prompts.

These prompts are not general knowledge – and since the prompts are key to generating the images, there is a chance that these prompts can help inspire some of the bloodiest or most horrific aspects. There is also the possibility that many of the images created that included the element of “Loabness” were more cheerful, but did not fit the theme and were not used.

“It’s a crawler since I synthesized the crawler but the process and phenomena are described with complete accuracy in my thread,” Super Synthesizer told CNET.

Grotesque and related or just clever creepypasta, Loab is something Currently. It even has its own Wikipedia page.

beyond lob

Notably, Loab is not something you can sum up in an AI image generator like Midjourney. If you use the ‘Loab’ prompt, you’ll get all kinds of different images, None of them show this woman. I don’t know if you really need to say this, but that means Loab is Not Some demons haunt AI art generators.

Supercomposite told CNET that if you used the same negative vector in the tool they used, you could create the Loab again, but “the software has changed so the exact same technique can’t be used, but you can beat it.” They have retweeted Loab-like images from other creators.

But the truth is: You can’t call Loab. You can’t make Loab appear in your AI art. Punch in the “cool fun playing field” and Lube won’t show up ready to suck your eyeballs or something. There is simply no way You find lube. If you say the name Loab five times, it will not appear in your AI art. Lube is not real. right? Say it with me.

Luap is ň̴̖̭͂͋o̸̎͊̀͜t̴͇͉͑̅ͅ −͔͎̕͠r̵̤̹̄̌̇ȅ̷̛͎̪̱́å̴̱̲̃̚l̸̡͓̳͑͗͠

L̵͈̹̳̂̐͠ò̴̢͛̓a―̡̛̟̳͑b̴̡̘̠͆̌ −̳͌ï̵͚͍͋s̷̫̼̿͐̋ ̷̳̍ň̴̖̭͂͋o̸̎͊̀͜t̴͇͉͑̅ͅ −͔͎̕͠r̵̤̹̄̌̇ȅ̷̛͎̪̱́å̴̱̲̃̚l̸̡͓̳͑͗͠

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