White is the recipient of the 2022 Physician Memorial Scholarship

SIDNEY – Wilson Health recently announced that it has been awarded the annual Physician Memorial Scholarship. The 2022 scholarship recipient is Zachary White of Anna.

Established after the death of Bruce C. Urbanc, DO, in 2008, the scholarship is a joint effort between the Wilson Health medical team and the hospital. The scholarship is awarded to a student enrolled or accepted to attend a fully accredited medical or osteopathic school in the continental United States.

White earned $2,000 to go through his medical school education. Members of the Memorial Physician Scholarship Selection Committee have been tasked with making the final selection of scholarship recipients for 2022. The members of the committee include, Dr. David McDonald, Dr. Kenneth Buslett, Dr. Kristi Pedler and Dr. Eric Beringer.

A graduate of Anna High School, White is a University of Miami 22 graduate and currently attending the University of Cincinnati – School of Medicine.

“I had always considered going into medicine, but I wasn’t sure what that meant because I was only 16 at the time,” White said. “I had to complete a job shadow for one of my high school classes, so I felt this was a good opportunity to experience the daily life of a doctor. Unfortunately, the timing of the job shadow was far less than ideal. My great-grandfather, the greatest role model in my life, had just passed away. His funeral took place on the same day I was supposed to work Shade.”

White still complements the working shade. It was this experience with a neurologist that opened his eyes to the seriousness of the medical world.

“While examining an 82-year-old patient, the neurologist kept telling her to stand without grabbing onto the chair next to her. Then, he told her to walk to the end of the hall and back,” White said. Again, same result. Then he asked her about using the walker and I could tell that the patient was a little disoriented, as was I. After leaving the room, the neurologist pulled me aside and asked if I understood why he insisted the patient use a walker. I admitted I didn’t. What he said next, made me realize why medicine was my goal.”

People over the age of 80 have a much higher risk of falling and hip fracture, the doctor shared. This can be a potentially fatal postoperative complication, so the neurologist wanted the patient to understand and experience the precautions she could take.

“My great-grandfather, who had just passed away, whose funeral I was attending the very same day, had fallen and fractured his hip and died of postoperative complications,” White said. “It was a reverse situation, and I witnessed how this neurologist, who picks up subtle signals, saves lives.”

From that day on, White knew he wanted to be a doctor.

He was raised by blue-collar, working-class parents who were inspired by their leadership and work ethic.

“He instilled in me a deep sense of motivation and work ethic at a young age,” White said. “Because my father spent years working hard to stay ahead of the curve, I continued to work alongside him during summers throughout college to help relieve some of the stress, while also paying for my education. Through this, I developed a great respect for the men and women of the service industry. I know.” That respect, along with my motivation and work ethic, are the essential characteristics every physician should possess.”

For information about the scholarship program, visit www.wilsonhealth.org.

Reaching out to the grant announcement, from left to right, was Marc Klosterman, President and CEO of Wilson Health; Kenneth Boslett, Member of the Doctor’s Memorial Selection Committee; Zachary White, 2022 scholarship recipient; David McDonald, member of the Memorial Medical Scholarship Selection Committee; Dr.. Kristi Pedler, a member of the Memorial Medical Scholarships Selection Committee. and Dr. Eric Beringer, a member of the Physician Memorial Scholarship Selection Committee.

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