Who is the husband of Anas Jaber? All about cumin cream

As a Tunisian tennis player Anas JaberHer husband, Karim Kamoon, has grown to be famous in more than one way.

With some of the best tennis players retiring from the courts, including Serena WilliamsAnd Roger Federer And Rafael NadalA new generation of players is taking over. One of these is Jabeur, who became the No. 2 player in the world in June 2022. In the same year, she reached the final at Wimbledon, but lost to Elena Rybakina. In 2023, Jaber appears in Netflix docuseries breaking point.

Her supportive husband, Kamon, has been by her side through all of this—and also happens to be her coach. The couple married in 2015 and started working together in 2017.

Read on to learn more about Karim Kammoun and his relationship with tennis star Anas Jaber.

He is a former professional duelist

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Jabeur isn’t the only athlete in the relationship: Kamon A Professional duelist From 2003 to 2011. Then he became a fencing coach in Qatar GQ Middle eastAnd But he left the gig around 2017 to join his wife full time on tour.

In June 2017, Kamoon shared the photos on Facebook Instagram From wearing a medal and carrying a trophy at the Fencing Championships in Doha.

He’s a fitness coach

Kamoun now works as a fitness trainer. According to his Instagram bio, he has a master’s degree in sports science and is “crazy about fitness training.”

The former athlete frequently posts pictures of himself working out in the gym with motivational comments. A commented Gym selfie From 2021.

Jaber married in 2015

Jaber and Kamoon got married in November 2015. She confirmed the news on TwitterShe wrote, “Happy to announce that Karim and I are getting married,” along with a photo from their wedding.

Camon donned a black tux, while Jaber donned a white dress with lace details and a sparkly headband.

He’s a jabber trainer

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According to him, much of Kamon’s career as a fitness trainer has centered around his wife GQ Middle east. However, the transition from husband and wife to coach and apprentice was not easy. “In the beginning it was hard, and he knows that,” Jaber told the outlet in 2020. “Because we are not used to working with each other, and because he would tell me to go jogging, it was like an order and I didn’t like it at first. And if he was throwing the medicine ball wrong Or something like that, I’m going to make a scandal for something so small.”

The tennis star added, “Then after that we got used to it. I think we’re doing great. We definitely talked a lot, we struggled a lot but after that, I think we got good results.”

In an April 2020 interview with Australian Open Television ChampionshipJaber talked about what it was like to be in prison with her husband, the trainer.

“I’m just here with my husband, who happens to be my fitness trainer, so he’s trying to get me to work out and do abs all the time, which is fine,” she said, laughing. “The only thing we miss is playing tennis.”

Kamoon often posts on Instagram about working with Jaber and her trainer, Issam Jalali. In November 2021, it is Post a picture of these three Together in the gym, the comment was made, “We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust, and care about each other.”

He is very supportive of Jabir

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Kamoon dedicates herself to helping Jaber achieve her dreams. In her 2020 interview with GQ Middle East Jaber said that in the early days of her career, Kamoun used to send her his salary so she could afford trips to her tennis tournaments.

Now, Kamoon frequently highlights his wife’s accomplishments on Instagram and posts supportive and loving tributes to her. side by side Pictures of Jaber competing in Wimbledon In 2022, he wrote, “This is what it means to be a champion. The grit, sacrifice, determination and passion that got you there builds your character. A true champion on the field, but honestly what I admire most is your grace. I’m proud that you keep dreaming. Keep inspiring.” “.

Jaber comes out of her shell

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Competing in tennis at Jaber’s level requires a certain amount of dedication and focus, which makes it difficult for the breakout star to get out and do other activities unrelated to tennis. while talking to GQ Middle East, Jaber reports that Kamon encouraged her to try new experiences and take an occasional break from tennis, including exploring the many cities they are traveling to together.

Jaber said, “I’ve done many things that I would never do on my own, the tourist things that I hate so much, and he loves so much and I sacrifice myself to go and do that.” “Like the Statue of Liberty. I went to the United States six years in a row and never been there, but then he took me there the first year he came to the United States with me.”

He loves to cook

March 2022, Jaber and Kamoon They made a video together for the Women’s Tennis Association, where they had to answer questions about each other. They both agreed that Kamon is the best cook in the relationship.

“I love to cook,” Camon said, and joked that Jaber could make “omelets, maybe.” Jaber added that her husband’s best dish is frutti di mare spaghetti (seafood pasta) and that he makes “a very good dish.”

Their life isn’t all tennis

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Despite their busy schedules on the court, Jaber and Kamoon still make time for each other outside of tennis.

“I see him on the court as my coach and off the court he is my husband,” she said. wog arabic in January 2023. “We still have to make sure we get to spend some moments together as a couple.”

The couple’s social media posts are mostly about tennis, however, they sometimes share other aspects of their relationship with their followers. that they Enjoy a bike ride together In November 2020, and in September 2022, Jaber posted pictures of herself and punching She wears her brother’s wedding clothes. After a few months, they are Attend the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

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