Women, Divorce, and Retirement: Living on Public Assistance after Losing Access to Assets

Written by Mary Helen Gillespie

Elizabeth, 49, describes the stress she experiences in a post-divorce environment while delivering a message of hope to other women.

How has your divorce financially affected your retirement plans?


Have you hired a financial advisor, chartered accountant, or other financial professional to help you plan for your retirement needs during the divorce proceedings? would you like today

No. It would not have helped.

Was your divorce attorney worried about your retirement resources? Was it a divorce judge?

no. The marriage had little money but abundant assets. However, I was the victim of a financial vendetta case.

How would you describe your financial quality of life after divorce?

I am very poor and very stressed. I depend on public assistance to survive.

What other information would you like to share with women in similar situations?

Stand on the ground. You have contributed more than you think. Tell your truth.

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