World Championship success far from Justin Verlander; Astros lose in extra rounds

Houston – with a promise and a chance for a blank slate, Justin Verlander He didn’t do much to dispel the idea that he’s struggling in the world championships.

The right-handed veteran entered Friday night game 1 With a 5.68 ERA and 0-6 record in seven professional World Championship starts. Those seven beginnings came against basics In the 2006 Fall Classic, the giants In ’12, the Dodgers In ’17 and Citizens At 19. Instead of flipping the script, Verlander lopsided against ’22 Phyllis Just inflated his world championship numbers.

In the first three rounds, it looked as if Verlander would be out on his first world championship in three years. He only needed 36 shots to retire from his first nine hits, throw three runs perfect and hit four in that span. In his first 10 games, he performed just as he did in the regular season, when he produced MLB-bests in ERA (1.75) and WHIP (0.829) across 28 starts and 175 runs in his first year after Tommy John’s surgery.

The 39-year-old’s most dominant moment came on Friday night in the second half Bryce Harper causes shutdown. In Harper’s first attack since “swinging his life,” broadcaster Joe Davis also described Bazaar’s run that won the home match against Padres In Game 5 of the ALCS, Harper was impatient and swinging headlong. Ferlander Harper hit three pitches – all fast highballs – in their first encounter of the night.

then, Astros right fielder Kyle Tucker Verlander gave plenty of support in the run by returning to the correct field at each of his first two bats, while Homer gave the second a three-stroke shot in the third inning. The Astros were leading 5-0, with only 18 left. Really, all Verlander had to do was keep Velez off the board for another two to three rounds before Dusty Becker could give the ball to the closing ring.

But this appointment proved to be too much, and Verlander’s history in the World Series soon repeated itself. Although he started strong, Verlander collapsed in the fourth and fifth innings and blew his lead by five runs.

Velez kept things simple by turning down frustration and playing small ball. The second time for Verlander by command, Reese HoskinsHarper Nick Castellanos And the Alec Boom She collected base hits from him, making it a 5-3 match in the fourth inning. Brandon March He drove from the fifth with double to the left and Kyle Schwarber Followed by a march of seven pitches. then JT Realmoto He led them both inside with a sharp blow twice to the left.

This was him. The Phillies, trailing 5-0 to enter the fourth inning, tied the game 5-5 by tabbing Verlander for six strokes and one walk across two costly tires. They later won the match and advanced 1-0 in the series after the 10th inning at home by JT Realmuto.

It’s fair to wonder if Becker should still be stuck with Verlander after a shaky fourth of three. It’s also fair to ask if Verlander should stay on the hill after the racers were first and second with deserved Realmuto in fifth. in hindsight? Perhaps it should have been pulled in favor of the stellar arms of the Houston game.

Velez swung in 52 of Verlander’s 90 pitches, but they were also quick to put the ball in play. Philly Batters called 43 of Verlander’s hits, with 10 of those who fell for outs and six who fell for hits, including three extra base hits. Manager Rob Thompson and Phillies’ game plan to attack Verlander early and often helped return with five runs in the fourth and fifth inning.

By the time Verlander’s night was over after five rounds and 90 throws, his ERA had swelled to 6.07 in eight World Championship matches. This is the worst era in world championship history, with no less than 30 rounds. He has yet to complete seven innings in a World Championship match or hit double digits.

These numbers call into question Verlander’s reliability in this fall classic against a Velez side who, until the 5-0 loss, showed no surrender. He is, of course, still the Astros champ. But whatever is chasing him in the World Championships, he’s back on Friday night, and for that, Verlander still has to prove he can make an impact and lead his team to victory in the most important matches of the year.

Disha Thoussar is an MLB writer for FOX Sports. She previously covered for the Mets for the New York Daily News. Follow her on Twitter at @Disha Thoussar.

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