You: Flourish and VXVY Mental Health Accelerate Access to LGBTQ+ – Confirming Behavioral Health and Wellness Solutions

The partnership bridges the gap between human-centered technology solutions and mental health, bringing immediate support into the hands of the LGBTQ+ community

DenverAnd the October 6 2022 /PRNewswire/- You: flourishIt is the first behavioral health and wellness smartphone app specifically designed to meet the needs of the LGBTQ+ community, and has partnered with VXVY Mental Healtha company that is transforming the digital mental health industry by accelerating product development, adoption and commercialization.

VXVY works closely with technology companies, health systems, employers and investors to harness the full potential of digital mental health and help bridge the gap between human technology and evidence-based mental health treatment and prevention to bring the best solutions more quickly to market. To reach audiences in need of mental health support, VXVY works with clients to design digital mental health solutions that engage mental health professionals.

“Mental health treatment is inherently ineffective, and our system lacks the capacity to care for everyone who needs it — especially for historically disadvantaged groups,” he said. Matt Vogel, one of the founders of VXVY. “Digital mental health has the potential to help close this gap, but it is difficult to bring attractive, effective, and widely accessible products to market. Our goal is to work with everyone in the field to help turn this potential into a reality.”

VXVY partners with organizations to automate processes to make care more efficient and effective through early intervention, treatment and recovery; technology-based diagnosis and assessment; Digitization of existing and new evidence-based treatment methodologies.

Partnering with VXVY Accelerates You: Flourish’s ability to effectively scale mental health solutions and make the app accessible to anyone, anywhere, when they need it most.

Matt Vogel And the VXVY team recognizes the urgent need for accessible, affordable, and scalable mental health solutions for the LGBTQ+ community,” he told you: Flourish Founder and CEO Stephen Haden (he/he). “Imagine the potential and positive impact on society when everyone in a marginalized community is empowered to contribute as a whole, their authentic selves; this begins with accessible, research-based behavioral health support.”

Working with the VXVY team and public health, wellness and behavioral health professionals, You: Flourish app users will personalize their peer support community with shared cross identities, set wellness goals, track daily habits and earn rewards for participation.

A customized behavior change model supports commitment and accountability among users with intersecting identities and socioeconomic backgrounds. Boosting progression through positive reinforcement, You: Flourish enables users to create, monitor, and earn points to track their daily wellness activities. You: Flourish and its partners offer rewards for accumulating points with the aim of motivating users and improving self-efficacy as individuals continue to use the app to manage their health.

The content provided through the app’s Wellness Center considers the parameters and guidelines developed by the VXVY team to ensure screened content that supports the users’ well-being. Topics include nutrition, sleep, meditation/wakefulness, social media use, and movement/yoga. All users will have access to research-based support on how to talk about mental health and substance abuse with their loved ones, among other topics that will enhance the well-being of our users.

The app’s core feature, powered by VXVY, is a directory of screened mental health professionals who are trained to deliver culturally relevant and emphasizing LGBTQ+ behavioral health interventions.

“Because of inequities, inequalities, and systemic injustice, the LGBTQ+ community is disproportionately affected by physical and mental illness, less likely to have health insurance, and worse health outcomes compared to the general population,” Hadden said. “Despite being a population with clear mental health needs, LGBTI people face a lack of cultural responsiveness and proven service providers, which increases their hurdles to accessing and securing safe, high-quality care.”

You: Flourish recently started its public equity crowdfunding campaign WefunderEmpowering people to take action and address the significant mental health crisis among the LGBTQ+ community. The app is scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2023.

About you: flourish

You: Flourish is a public benefit company that balances purpose and profit to bring healthy resources and affirmation to members of the LGBTQ+ community. The You: Flourish smartphone app was created, sponsored, and supported by Envision: You, a non-profit organization that seeks to fill gaps in behavioral health outcomes for LGBTQ+ individuals through jointly generated community programming, advocacy participation, public awareness campaigns, and evidence-based training . CoPeace, an ESG holding company that invests in growing companies that demonstrate their social and environmental impact, offers services, including partial C-suite support, to you: thrive. AppIt Ventures leads the app development process. visit for more information.

About VXVY Mental Health

VXVY Mental Health is a digital mental health ecosystem that brings together technology innovators, investors, clinical providers, employers and health systems. We provide expert guidance to accelerate the development, adoption, commercialization and payment of compelling, attractive and successful products. Through our membership model and network platform, we bring innovators together to successfully implement technology in real-world settings. This is necessary to assess effectiveness, identify reimbursement pathways, and encourage adoption. The VXVY team has enhanced services and resources to help organizations build, use, or invest in digital technology to improve overall mental health and well-being. Our deep knowledge of implementation provides a clear path to expanding resources across the prevention, treatment, and cure group.

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