YouTube is used as a learning tool for the young reader by Florida students

Students in Guadalupe Center's Seagulls class smile after receiving a batch of 10 new children's books and backpacks from BelieveNBooks.

The PageTurner initiative for Canterbury students begins at the Guadalupe Center

Fort Myers-based BelieveNBooks has launched a new initiative, PageTurner, to help preschoolers become better readers at an early age.

PageTurner is a YouTube channel that features videos of teens in southwest Florida reading children’s books. Students are provided with corresponding books, allowing them to read alongside their digital reading partners.

Thanks to BelieveNBooks, whose mission is to provide children with books to expand their horizons and advance their understanding of the world, more than 115 students have been awarded backpacks each containing 10 books, including titles like “Clifford Makes the Team” and “If You Give the Mouse a Profile” Link, Flat Stanley Goes Camping, and more. Parents are provided with a postcard with a QR code for quick access to YouTube’s video library.

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BelieveNBooks helps Guadalupe Mila Martinez student Natasha Agarwal review books submitted through the nonprofit's new PageTurner initiative.

“I loved meeting each of the children and hearing their comments about the books they received,” said BelieveNBooks founder Natasha Agarwal, a 15-year-old new student at Canterbury School. “It was amazing seeing their reactions as they opened their bags and realized everyone was going to take the books home. You don’t always have a chance to see the people you help, so being there to hand out books and meet every kid made it even more informative.”

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