Zack Lowe Admits Trail Blazers Aren’t “Blah”

After claiming that Portland Trail Blazers The list was “blah,” ESPN analyst Zack Lowe changed his tune. Earlier this month, Lowe claimed, On his Lowe Post podcast, that Portland was average, at best, between the prospects of the 2022-23 season. This morning, Lowe, along with Chris Hering of Sports Illustrated, joined forces with reverse his positionafter the team’s stunning start 4-0.

At the beginning of the podcast, a harbinger of him Middle East and Africa neglectBlazer’s Edge Club.

“We’re going to the Blazers, I know people from Portland, I know, I called you blah, I called team blah.”

Lowe and Herring dig deeper 29 minutes in.

Lowe: “Portland 4-0, seventh in attack and that’s not unexpected, ninth in defense, that’s the number.

“Can I believe it? I’m not sure I think this is the top five team in the West all of a sudden, I’m not sure I think this is the top 10 defense in the NBA all of a sudden, but I will say this, they’re not blah, they ain’t careless Stylistically, they’re a lot of fun to watch, and they’re not qualitatively false. As it’s currently formed and we haven’t seen Gary Payton II yet, they’re already clearly better than blah, they’re better than Vegas over-under, which was like 39.5 or 40.5 depending on where you look at it.

They look like a very good legitimate team, Dame is back, Simons-only formations work mostly because opponents lose every shot they take, these formations work because of defense but they are surviving at the moment. I like the composition of the team, they are betting on youth, sports and speed and it shows. I’m just a sucker for teams in two, three, striker, keeper shooting through the power forward who can only play long range wingers and they have a whole bunch of those.

Herring: Sports games kind of jump out of the screen when you watch them.

Last year was the year of hell, when they hired Chauncey and the questions that surrounded it weren’t answered adequately in my opinion. Whether it’s Neil Olshey’s stuff and the face who was the one who made that decision and is being investigated for things about workplace culture and fired for it.

Whether or not the lady is early in the season, she doesn’t look at herself and then find out that he has an abdominal injury that requires surgery. The painful decision though was one that I felt they needed to make a couple of years ago with CJ and move on.

It’s been a tough year for the people who believed in the blazers I loved. Nothing that year was fun. Perhaps the plus side was that Simmons spread his wings a bit.

What stands out to me apart from the fact is that guys are shooting all cylinders offensively in some cases and Jerami Grant seems to fit right in. Just in general, when Hart talks about teams two, three and four, Hart is in transition, and Grant has really grown as a player even if it wasn’t about efficiency. Just the idea that he’s willing to do a little more… he’s someone who fits into this team really well.

Looking at Justis Winslow over there. Overall, someone the teams were really hesitant to believe in that much given his injury history and everything else, but he looked really good out there and everyone can stay healthy for a team like this.

It looks like they could actually be real, and that seems sustainable to me if guys can stay healthy.

They needed to be more athletic in certain locations, I think that was the goal when they had Covington for a while as well. I think he was a little overrated, he has a stopper, and I think he’s a really good defender.

And Mrs. has made a healthy comeback, that alone, and Simmons’ jump, that’s enough to make it fun and intriguing.

How far they can go on defense is going to be a huge factor in whether or not they’re a contender, but they’re a lot of fun I’ve really enjoyed watching them so far

Lowe: It’s a ball to watch and the GPII fits perfectly with everything we’re talking about, sport and speed, it’s not “tall or big” but it’s tall and plays really big. Winslow’s lineup in the middle has been really good at a very small sample size.

I think if there was another reason people were so pessimistic about the Blazers, myself included, they sold out at the lowest possible point in Covington and Norm Powell together again Keon Johnson, a few seconds and Justis Winslow as part of that and maybe Justise Winslow becoming a bigger part of the team than we thought.

Herring: The Blazers were exactly the kind of team that should have really taken a chance on Shaedon Sharpe. Someone with a lot of positives by all accounts, but someone not everyone knows about. Even if it didn’t work, he was exactly the kind of guy who should have seized the opportunity.

You can listen to the discussion over here29 minutes in.

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